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· Promotion of a recycling system jointly developed by a foreign recycling company and a domestic logistics company.
· Planning and management of an ecological products exhibition for the environmental management division of an electronics manufacturer.
· Supporting communication activities for allergy-tested skin care products and the planning of CSR activities.
· Communications for a carbon offset provider.
· Consultation services on corporate communications for a home improvements company that uses only eco-friendly materials.
· Branding communications for a manufacturer of kitchen instruments that remove oil from drainage water.
· Lobbying activities regarding new energy.
· Organizing a press conference announcing the launch of new automobile related products.
· Planning of communications for a ski resort.
· Consultation services on communications for a think tank specializing in research on the environment.
· Communications on ecological driving and branding for a company handling related services.
· Organizing a press conference for a foreign materials manufacturer regarding its environment month.
· Supporting communications for an apparel maker that particularly uses plant-based fibers.
· Supporting communications for an ecology-related distribution company and providing training for its communication personnel.
· Setting up a communications desk for a company handling LOHAS products.

Foods and restaurants
· Consulting service for the communications and marketing departments of a food material manufacturer and planning for its new business launch.
· Promotional activities for a high-class Japanese restaurant using only the purest cooking ingredients.
· Customer management and information delivery for a well established French restaurant.
· Proposing a menu for a fast-food restaurant with new concepts.
· PR activities for the opening of a Japanese pub restaurant in Yotsuya, Tokyo.
· PR activities for a wholesaler of fresh vegetables.
· PR activities for a specialty Japanese tea shop.
· PR activities for an Italian bar.
· PR activities for a fried dough stick specialty shop.
· Planning a new business model for the lunch-box department of a well established Japanese restaurant.
· Communications planning for fruits imported from the U.S.
· PR activities for a group of organic vegetable producers in Okinawa.
· PR activities for snacks produced using solar photovoltaic energy.
· PR planning for a hydroponics culture.
· Information gathering and communications planning for boxed lunches with new concepts.
· PR activities for research on safe vegetable puree.
· PR activities for research on one particular flavoring substance.

· Planning of corporate identities and development of sales tools for an IT-related company.
· PR activities for a foreign IT device manufacturer and support for its business alliance with another company.
· Planning of new business models for cell-phone websites.
· Planning a blog that was opened for only a limited amount of time by a convenience chain store.
· Support for the launch of a communications department for a cell-phone company and planning of its CSR activities.
· Training of communication personnel and sales promotion support for a business software developer and seller.
· Management of press conferences introducing new products for a foreign timber management company.

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