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DemiPR has strengths in the areas of industrial / material technology and environmental management. Our five specific services are explained below.  

Media Relations
Communication Staff Training
DemiPR strongly recommends that all companies should have a person in charge of communication. Having a spokesman inside the company will help the company to effectively and consistently send out its corporate messages. This will also lead to the establishment of corporate identities and good brand images.

Case 1
Company C: an eco-friendly home improvements company in Saitama Prefecture.
We provided a training course designed mainly to improve the basic business skills of their mid-career communications personnel. The program included the fundamental knowledge of corporate communication, production of in-house magazines and visits to major media companies. Tips on getting along with media people and sending out information effectively were also given.

Case 2
Company A: a distribution company focusing on ecological efficiency in Tokyo We provided on the job training for a young marketing and communications employee with two years experience at the company. The training covered time management skills and the development of communication plans. We oversaw the trainee actually making contacts with media companies, inviting them to see him and gaining a certain amount of media coverage.

Corporate Communications on Behalf of Clients
News releases are effective only when they have valuable information arranged in an appropriate manner. We produce press releases that are finely organized and deliver them to the appropriate people at an appropriate time. Inside DemiPR, we set up a communications desk representing each of our clients companies, which will answer media inquiries and manage corporate communications. This is an outsourcing service to fill the needs of those not having a communications department themselves or as an enlargement of their present communications staff.

Case 1
Company H: a company managing shops with ecological and LOHAS(*) items in Tokyo.
We coordinated the handling of their media requirements for sample products and the distribution of new product samples. (*LOHAS: Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)

Case 2
Company G: an energy technology development company in Tochigi Prefecture.
The B2B Company for the last few years has been selling its original eco-friendly products based on its technology. We produced a news release carrying well-organized information about specific features of the new product and examples of its latest introductions to customers. The company now uses media articles on the product as part of its sales promotion tools.

Planning and Management of Press Conference
We tried our hardest to find the best way to maximize our client's return on investment. We have an in-house creative team capable of developing ideas for very unique press conferences; These create plans for successful conferences on selected dates and at specific venues with very clear targets. This way, we can help our clients precisely deliver their messages to the media. Successful press conferences lead to continuing media relationships that are beneficial for our clients' future communications activities. This is one of our strengths.

Sorry, we have too many good examples! So far, we've supported press conferences and meetings for industries including biodegradable fibers, jewelry, produce, snack foods, restaurants, automotive related goods and hotel industries as well as things under such themes as regional branding, cosmetics and press tours.

Research and Corporate Information Delivery
Checking news releases for approximately 200 leading companies and 100 small and medium sized companies in Japan is one of our routine jobs. We already have a proprietary program for analyzing trends in CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities of those companies. This analysis helps us to deliver messages to each media outlet and helps us to make communication plans for our clients companies.

DemiPR hosted a forum-style website for exclusive members to offer press releases under certain themes.

Case 2
We can arrange visits from local writers for researching and writing articles about your company on your request. Several other options including a unique program containing coordination with local free papers are also available.

Communication Consulting Services
Consulting Services on Communication Strategy
Based on the particular needs provided by a client, we plan and implement unique communication activities. This service includes support for our clients' and the setting up of the framework for their entire business all the way through to marketing production development with several types of tools. Then we produce effective communication programs. For clients in some industries we may suggest lobbying for a certain period of time if necessary.

Case 1
Company T: a venture firm handling eco-friendly energy in Tokyo

Gathered information regarding recyclable energy and delivered messages about this to the appropriate leads for its media coverage. Based on this article, we produced the company's opinions announcement.

Case 2
Company Y: a supplier of energy-saving construction machinery in Tokyo
We designed a program to gain wide recognition of the company's new ideas for saving energy. Delivery of information regarding the technology to government officials and mass media helped the company to make this product widely known in the market.

Case 3
Company O: a food retailing company in Tokyo
We supported the launch of new snack foods. As an expert in communications, we helped the company to make product concepts, packaging designs, leaflets and a website containing messages from the company regarding the new products.